I am a filmmaker on a path to finding my unique voice and expressing it through the medium of film. I believe film is a powerful form of communication and expresses our humanity in a way like no other can.


Donovan Wilson

Completed Projects

Aidan (2021) 10min - Tacoma Film Festival*, NW Folk Life Film Festival*, Local Sightings Film Festival*, GenCon Film Festival*, Poulsbo Film Festival*, Zion Film Festival*

Katie Dean: Printmaker (2020) 5min - Tacoma Film Festival*

Lost and Found (2022) 5min - Lakewood Reel Life Film Competition

Pursue Me (2022) 4min - Tacoma 253 Film Competition

*Official Selection


Aidan is the first project that I've completed with a significant budget. It was birthed from an idea I had in January 2020. I wanted to explore racism and who defines who is human, so I created Aidan who is an android to explore this basic idea. During my research, I wandered into the study of consciousness and artificial intelligence. Through all these explorations I developed the unique plot of Aidan's story.The original story is a journey of self-discovery that takes Aidan on a road trip with a reporter who has kidnapped him in hopes of a scoop, down the west coast to San Francisco to meet Aidan's creator and find the truth of his mysterious existence. In its current form, Aidan is a short film that only explores the first encounter between Aidan and the reporter Alyse and the circumstances that lead them on their quest.I'm very proud of this work and feel honored to have collaborated with many talented artists to make it come to life. Aidan's story is not complete. Hopefully, I can raise funds to produce the complete film in the future.

Current Projects

I am actively writing and developing new projects. Currently, I am producing a short film with funding from the Tacoma Arts Initiative. When complete I will screen it publicly in Tacoma and submit it to festivals in the region.